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FYI: Makeup Isn’t Over Site Assets


These are the looks you’ll be wearing all 2021 (even if only your Insta followers get to see ’em). Bringing my Creative Director's (@abbysilverman) designs to life, I animated these pieces for the Cosmopolitan site feature on 2021 beauty trends.  

Check out the Cosmo Article.


According to This Big-Deal Data, Your Post-Pandemic Sex Life Is Going to Be…Interesting

Motion Graphics

We’ve uncovered some seriously *wipes brow* hot stuff about the future. Esquire and Cosmopolitan collaborated on a survey in order to find out the future of sex post-pandemic. I was assigned to animate typography onto photographs taken for the piece. 

Check out the Cosmo Article

Cosmo Merch Will Fill the Empty Void in Your Life


BRB, adding everything to cart. I designed a Mercury Retrograde phone case and a set of tote bags describing the different definitions of each zodiac sign for Cosmo's first merch drop! 

Check out Cosmo's merch!

FYI: Makeup Isn’t Over Instagram Asset

Editing & Animation

A continuation of the project above, I edited together these videos and created motion graphics for Cosmopolitan's Instagram in order to promote the story on our social media platforms. 

Check out the Cosmo Article.

On the End of Keeping Up With the Kardashians


It’s been 14 years and 20 seasons. Signaling the end of an era, our feature on the finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians showcases busts of the Kardashian women surrounded by animated quotes from the show. 

Check out the Cosmo Article.

Roller Skater Oumi Janta Dominated Your IG Feed This Year, So We "Went" to Berlin to Learn Her Moves IRL

Animation & Editing

Behold as the 29 year old wheels around in throwback looks and reminds us all that the roller scene was cool loooong before TikTok trends. After editing these incredible shots of Oumi Janta together for Instagram and our site feature, I rotoscoped the footage to add in "Oumi" and "Janta" typography into the scene. 

Check out the Cosmo Article

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