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Share Snaps

Design & Animation

Share snaps are a fun way to promote "sharing" on Snapchat by encouraging our readers to send our funny/cute designs to their friends. These snaps are always fun to design and animate!

Snapchat Template Design

Design & Animation

In order to streamline production on our Snapchat team, I created a template with a diverse set of options and interchangeable assets for our daily snaps. This essentially cut our workload in half and gave our designers more time to work on other, larger projects. Designs were made by myself, Katie Czerwinski, and Nia Chavez


Design & Animation

With 14.3 million subscribers, Cosmo's Snapchat Discover Channel is one of the most popular brands on the app. We help our readers stay up to date on their favorite celebs, fashion & beauty tips, viral news, relationship advice, fitness tips, and more.

BIPOC Illustration Program


After the Black Lives Matter Movement, our team wanted to promote BIPOC illustrators on our channel. Through the program, we feature budding artists and animate the illustrations in house. These are a few of the wonderful illustrations I had the privilege of animating. 

Artwork by: @aleearaeart, @seejessletter, @makerchamp, @addiebusolastudio, and @casielle.jpg.

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