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Street Style: Senior Project & Fashion Anthem

Concept, Design, Illustration, & Animation

This is my Senior Project, created at the Savannah College of Art and Design, as I was finishing my BFA in Motion Media Design.


WHAT IS STREET STYLE? Street Style defines fashionistas who rock their authentic and genuine personal style down the urban catwalk of their city. It’s a way to define who we are and give a self-expression to everyday fashion. The piece, Street Style, is an ode to all the women who own their street style. I have always been inspired by fashion, not the fake and dramatic fashion of the runways, but the sincere and inspiring looks of women going to work, going out, or running errands. This piece is all about image for the sake of image.


Frame by Frame Animation

In this project, I had to combine a style of art or motion graphics with an object. I choose to experiment with liquid motion for my style, something I had never done before and for my object I chose my blind contour drawings that I had recently started doodling on top of to create interesting designs. These linear elements to my drawings added a unique element to that I have never seen in liquid motion or frame-by-frame animation before. I used video reference of friends and myself for the blind contour drawings, and then added details overtop similar to my doodles. The scratch rainbow paper I used as a child inspired me for the color palette.

Lipstick Queen: 3D Commercial

Concept, Design, & Animation

Lipstick Queen is a brand of high quality, great glamour, and extraordinary diversity in their lipstick colors. Being a huge fan of this brand of lipstick, I wanted to create a mock commercial emphasizing the incredible qualities of their products. A high-end commercial with a bit of fun mixed in.

Savannah Bee Company Stop Motion Commercial

Stop Motion Animation & Compositing

The Savannah Bee Company is known for creating all natural honey that is delicious for humans and nurturing for bees. Designing a commercial for the Savannah Bee Company had to follow this same manifesto of all natural goodness. In order to achieve this, we made a stop motion animation of a bee waking up, going to work, and making the honey the Savannah Bee Company uses. This story mirrors the importance of natural honey production for the company in an imagined situation. The set is handmade, referencing the use of natural materials in the Savannah Bee Company products. We used techniques like laser cutting, paper craft, and felting to create this unique world for our bee to live in. Compositing was used to further create the character’s universe; such as a matte painting to establish the background, cell animation to add life to our bees, and including other small 2D and 3D elements to further our interpretation of the Bee’s environment. We used these composited elements not only to add a finishing touch to the piece but to also reflect the sincere tone of the company while reinforcing the natural goodness that the Savannah Bee Company Honey is known for.


Collaboration with: Yukari Schrickel, Crosby Ignasher, and Tiffany Chu.

CoMotion 2016

Title Sequence and Branding

The goal in establishing the 2016 Comotion brand was to create a modern, lively aesthetic for the event. Fostering a professional yet friendly environment for both industry professionals and up and coming young artists, the monochromatic color scheme conveys sophistication while smooth animations keep the spirit playful. Professional exuberance, gracious creativity. This is CoMotion 2016.

Check out the full title sequence

The Red Shoes: Live Action Title Sequence

Concept, Design, & Animation

Focusing on the balance between the love of life and the love of work, this title sequence shows the struggle of a young dancer trying to figure out what is most important to her by constantly comparing herself to another part of her. The double images seen show the internal debate she's having with herself. In this title sequence, I focused primarily on editing, cinematography, and concept. This is based on the film, The Red Shoes

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