Miss Fisher Book Cover


The Honourable Phryne Fisher is a female detective who solves murders in 1920’s Australia with a lot of sleuthing and sass. This book cover is meant to draw vision from 1920’s art styles, specifically Art Nouveau, to create an Alphonse Mucha inspired depiction of Miss Fisher. Using hand created textures, Photoshop, and Illustrator to create a cover that looked tactile-like it was made with cut pieces of paper when in fact it was created digitally.

This piece was a Semifinalist in the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards and accepted into the 2016 NYC Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition & Gallery.


Wayfarer: A Tactile Motion Design Pitch


Our little wayfarer is going on a journey but before she departs, she must prepare by getting up, getting dressed, brushing her teeth, etc. Parts of her body grow along with her morning routine to emphasize her tiny stature and the overwhelming nature of beginning a journey. After photographing the clay figure, we edited the pictures, composited in illustrated arms, and color corrected the images to unify the frames. She gets more and more excited and practically bounces onto her journey in the last frame! 

Collaboration with Morgan Fromme

Hipster Invasion Propaganda


I will write something here eventually ... MOOD. A hipster is someone who is true to oneself. This popular trend of embracing individuality, is hypocritical since an invasion of the hipster culture is taking over and becoming more mainstream. Everyone wants to be a hipster. Our frames depict a futuristic government's propaganda posters, sometime in the next 10-20 years, where "hipster" is the adult trend. Mimicking the posters from the 1950's, like Rosie the Riveter, these posters use pin ups as a way to sell this hipster lifestyle. Including buying organic food, buying vintage clothing, listening to vinyl, getting tattoos, and smoking Cloves. We used watercolor to create the initial portraits of our hipster pin ups, then adding some details with pen and ink. Overlaying these with outlines made in Illustrator, and finally put in Photoshop to add textures, a frame design, and text.


Collaboration with Morgan Fromme


Typography Studies


Using photographs, packaging materials, and internet images, these compositions are composed of found type elements collaged together to create new content.


Reflections: Kate Spade GIF

Illustration & Animation

Inspired by Kate Spade's bright and bold use of color, this GIF captures the fun and vivid spirit of the iconic brand. Created for use in emails and Instagram to promote the style of Kate Spade products. Created in Photoshop using frame by frame animation to create the reflections going across the woman’s sunglasses, lipstick, and hair.

Spotify Branding Concept

Concept & Design

Spotify is a digital music service that enables users to remotely source millions of songs from multiple devices. Music is essentially at one's fingertips and connects people. In this project, our team explored this universal music brand and turned it into an interface that could be accessible to the community of music lovers in an imaginative environment. This community is accessed by being, literally, sucked into your music, into the app, and into the magical world of Spotify. This piece explores the origins of sound and visual music by answering the question: Who is Spotify?


This project was made at the Spring 2015 INSPIRE Workshop, mentored by Daniel Offinger and Matt Smithson.


Collaboration with Matt Burton and Lee Jasmin

Smoking Digital Re-illustration


As part of an illustration assignment to recreate a piece of previous work, this linework is originally from the Hipster Invasion project. This new imagery was created in Photoshop using texture, lighting, highlights, shadows, and color to convey a portrait of a young woman smoking. 

Forever Love by Mickey Guyton, Typography Driven Design

Design & Illustration

The song 'Forever Love,' by Mickey Guyton, showcases the love and wonderment of being in a new relationship. To convey this new attraction, I used handwritten typography, to capture the personal touch of love, like a girl writing love notes in her notebooks. By using images and textures, I brought a more country feel to this country song and made it become natural, like the process of falling in love.