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These Black Beauty-Content Creators Aren’t Waiting Around for TikTok’s Blessing to Dominate the App


Brinkley Garner, Déja Zhane, and Makayla Did are already stanning themselves. It’s up to TikTok to keep up. I edited TikTok footage of these creators and animated the design, made by Cosmopolitan's Creative Director (@abbysilverman), to simulate scrolling through feeds on social platforms. ​


Check out the Cosmo Article.


Rep. Ilhan Omar on Why She’s Fighting the Multibillion-Dollar Skin-Whitening Industry

Design & Animation

“We need to understand that using skin-whitening products can have lasting and damaging health effects.” This art that I conceptualized, designed, and animated shows how using skin-whitening products can have lasting and damaging health effects, specifically on women of color. I used imagery of liquid mercury since it is a common toxic chemical in these products.

Check out the Cosmo Article

How to Treat Dark Spots: The Black Girl’s Guide to Hyperpigmentation


I animated this amazing illustration by Khadija Horton (@khadijahorton) for Cosmo's story on The Black Girl's Guide to Hyperpigmentation in order to celebrate women of color in beauty for Black History Month.


Check out the Cosmo Article.

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